Creating Nail Art Using Everyday Supplies

Having an amazing, long and beautiful nails is popular today. But, let’s face it – girls are paying too much money to have fabulously stylish nails. Sometimes we are not aware of one fact – that we can do our nails at home, alone and that our nails still can look beautiful!
Here are some useful tips how to do that. You can be your own professional by using simple bobby pins. Yes, you can use a bobby pin for adding some stylish dots or lines to your nails. Bobby pin definitely can make a nail art easier.

Makeup sponge is also one of the best ideas to create stylish nails. Here is what you should do – take one minuscule piece of sponge. This sponge can make amazing makeup art with different colors. It can also make a perfect “ombre” on your nails.
The very fun paint splatter pattern can be made on your nails very easily. All you need are, for example, white, yellow, blue, red and pink nail polish. To apply them, you will have to use a paint brush. Use white nail polish as a base for other colors. Now, mix all other colors, take this brush and put this combination of the colors on your nails.

Having “aurora borealis” on the nails is something that I adore! It looks so classy, stylish and modern. For this, you will need black nail polish, blue nail polish and metallic nail polish. Get some makeup sponge and glitter. Black color should be your base. After this, apply pink color by using your makeup sponge. After this, use blue nail polish. When finished, put some glitter on your nails. How cool is this, right?
Every girl wants to have different nail design almost every day. Some home tricks can help you in this. It is not complicated. You need to have good will and great imagination; you need to be creative. When you combine this, your nails will look perfect!

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