Fantasic College Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

College life is supposed to be fun filled, but unfortunately, a good number of students find themselves buried under the inconveniences college has to offer. Planning to make your college life a lot easier? These hacks are meant for you.
Noddle’s Hack

Imagine waking up so late having partied all night and you are so damn hungry with a class in view 20 mins tops, try using your pressing iron to cook noodles. It will only take about 8mins max. Visiting the café will take about half an hour, hurry! You are late for class.
Microwave Hack

You want to save some time and reduce your electricity bill, use a vertical bowl and heat up two dishes at the same time in your microwave.
Party Hack

In case the party at your friends’ place got canceled due to the unexpected arrival of the parents (that can suck) you need not bother yourself, your night has not been totally ruined. Get an empty Pringles containers and your friends’ phone with the above setup, take the party to a new location. We are going to party hard nothing can stop us!
Shower Hack

Tired of the low water pressure delivered by your shower, all you need is an empty pet bottle, make some tiny hole at the bottom. Replace the shower head with the bottle; you are ready to go.
Why not give the above hacks a try? I bet your college life will become a lot easier. Some of these can be dangerous; extreme measures must be taken while figuring it out.

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